The thing about being careful…

Ah, snow. Welcome back my old friend. With this formidable foe comes the inevitable slippery roads, slide offs and preventable accidents of the first glimpse of a winter wonderland. Accidents like the two today that injured three of my husband’s fellow Troopers. All off which were avoidable. All of which could have been prevented by […]


“Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God.” – Matthew 5:9 Where does one start? How do you put into words the gut wrenching feeling you get when it happens? That moment when you are all at once alone in a world that wants to destroy what you love most […]

Plans?? I have no plans.

I take that back. I DO have a plan – it’s to sit in the sunshine and play in the garden and hang out with my kids and go camping this summer and maybe, just maybe, even get to see my husband for more than three minutes in passing when he lodges a suspect at […]

Plenty of time for turkey…

My husband is doing phase 1 FTO right now with one of the new ‘cubs’ that just graduated recruit school. I made a big roast turkey w/ all the fixings so they stopped by to grab a bite to eat. After reassuring the poor guy that, yes, he really was allowed to eat dinner with us […]