The thing about being careful…

Ah, snow. Welcome back my old friend. With this formidable foe comes the inevitable slippery roads, slide offs and preventable accidents of the first glimpse of a winter wonderland. Accidents like the two today that injured three of my husband’s fellow Troopers. All off which were avoidable. All of which could have been prevented by 1) slowing down and 2) paying attention. Generally speaking these are applicable rules in all weather but especially so in the midst of a west Michigan winter storm.

Thankfully, all three of these brothers in blue are fine (beat up and sore, but otherwise fine). But still… Every time I learn of an injured officer, whether within the department or not, it sends a shiver up my spine and gives me goose bumps because it is an all too real reminder that it could have been MY Trooper.

Everyday when he leaves for work I say this to him: “Be SAFE.” Not “Be Careful” because being careful is the antithesis of his job description. Being careful, by definition, would mean running away from threats, avoiding dangerous situations and staying far behind the front line. No, his job is not to be careful but rather to face the threats, to diffuse the dangerous situations and to cover the front line so the rest of the herd might remain safe. The thing about being careful is that it embodies all things to the contrary of a good police officer. No, careful is reserved for other professions, but not his. My prayer is that he be safe.

Tonight I am thankful for the safety of his friends and coworkers. And also, at least a little bit, that he was off-duty for this first winter storm of the season.


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