The no good, terrible, very bad day….

Yesterday was one of those days that I warned myself about when I decided to give this whole ‘stay at home mom’ thing a go… Hubby worked the night before and went back in at 2pm so he was mostly unavailable for the day. After getting the boy dressed, fed, ready for school and out the door to the bus I retreived the crying baby from her crib.

She cut her first tooth last week and is working on some more and is utterly miserable (translate: so am I). I fed her, she spit the food all over me while she cried. No big deal – I haven’t gotten dressed yet.

In desperation I pour myself a cup of coffee. Before I can take a sip, my middle child dumps her yogurt milk on the table. While cleaning it up it gets all over my shirt. No big deal – I haven’t gotten dressed yet. I give both girls a bath and dress them – so cute and clean. I return to my now cold and abandoned cup of coffee and find that the cat has been drinking from it. (I knew I shouldn’t have put so much creamer in it).

As I dump it out, it splashes all over the floor and my pants. No big deal – I’m STILL not dressed yet. I should add that all the while the baby has been crying because all attempts to soothe her have failed. I clean up the kitchen, unload, reload and run the dishwasher, throw in a couple loads of laundry and take care of the already folded piles of clothes.

By now the previously mentioned middle child is complaining that she’s hungry for lunch (afterall, she didn’t even get to drink all her yogurt milk). I feed a second meal to her before ever getting a first for myself and also pull out everything I can find that might possibly make the baby stop crying for 30 seconds.

Eventually, the baby falls asleep in the high chair with fists full of cheerios and smashed bananas. I scoot Aubrie off to naptime and carry the baby to her crib to (delicately) clean her up and lay her down to (please, dear God) continue sleeping. In the process, I get bananas in my hair. No big deal – you already know where I was going with that…

By 2pm I FINALLY got to hop in the shower, put on clean clothes and brush my teeth. I ran out and made another pot of coffee in hopes of enjoying my beloved cuppa joe before the inevitable end of naptime and silently remind myself that I knew there would be days like this. I knew it. I knew it so well that I even wrote myself a Post-It my last week at work saying:

Dear Future Stay at Home Mom Self:

There will come a day soon enough where you question why on earth you ever wanted this. You will wonder why you ever gave up your desk and your paycheck and your 40-hour week away from home. When this day arrives, know it is but ONE day. (Okay, possibly more than one but in the grand scheme of things it’s LIKE one day).

This too shall pass and in the end the benefits of such days far outweigh the costs. Keep calm and carry on, future self.


Past Self


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