Season of Change (Hold onto your hats, we’re about to get all philosophical and junk…)

I love spring. I mean, I love autumn more for the sheer beauty and color and the hooded sweatshirt and jeans weather but spring does have a special way of breathing new life back into everything after a long, cold winter. Spring is most definitely a season of change. A season of fresh starts and new beginnings, of endless possibilities and boundless opportunities for the sunshine-filled days, weeks and months yet to come.

 I’ve been doing a lot of soul-searching the last couple months – giving great consideration to what I want to do, what I perhaps should do, what I’m not currently doing and how it all plays out and works together in the grand scheme of this crazy thing called life. And the culmination of all that deep-thinking and careful consideration is this – I’m unbalanced. Not like, hormonally or anything – but in life.

 For the last four years I’ve spent countless hours seeding, feeding, raking, hoeing, weeding and watering the garden of my life (the gardener in me LOVES this analogy) but I’ve barely taken even a moment to enjoy the fruits of those labors. I have not, as the old saying goes, “stopped to smell the roses” because I’ve been so busy with all the prep work. With three kids planted and growing like weeds I find I have less and less time to enjoy them and more chores and responsibilities by the day. And really, what’s the point in putting in all the back-breaking labor if you’re not even getting to reap the rewards of what you’ve sown?

 And so a decision has been made to take some time off from my current work situation and put my lofty professional ambitions on hold (temporarily) to enjoy my little seedlings while I still can. They won’t always be small and need me the way they do now and someday sooner than I’d like to admit they will be ‘all grown up’. When the time is right, I’ll welcome the opportunity to pick up the (metaphoric) garden tools and get back to work. But until then, I’ll be spending some much-needed time in the garden just enjoying the flowers.

 A wise friend recently gave me this advice: “If you can lay your head down at night without having to run through a mile-long list of to-dos then you’re doing it right.” I’m hoping this leap of faith and new adventure will accomplish just that. Honestly, I’m more than a little terrified of NOT working (really, it’s all I’ve ever considered) but I’m looking forward to this adventure and what lies ahead.


One thought on “Season of Change (Hold onto your hats, we’re about to get all philosophical and junk…)

  1. I wondered who the posting was to replace. You will be missed. You have done a great job! Love those babies!!

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