5149: Copy a crash at the corner of Everywhere and Nowhere

The straw that broke the camel’s back. The grain of rice that tipped the scale.

If the universe had put even one more thing on my plate I would have snapped. Like, put me in a straight jacket and ship me to the loony bin.

Last week was a doozy in my house. I had my wisdom teeth removed last Friday, which then led to two dry sockets. If you’ve never had the pleasure of enduring that particular pain you haven’t lived. Between school issues (four cases of head lice in the class and my kid might be getting held back), work deadlines and crazy schedules, the previously mentioned worst pain ever and my husband working about a billion hours because of the craptastic weather and mountains of lake effect snow, I was really feeling the burn. Add to that a sick baby and the fact that my husband and I haven’t had a solo date night (or even an uninterrupted conversation) since last June and we’re flirting dangerously close to a major fault line here people.

Needless to say, it was bound to come to a head sooner or later. So it was no surprise when the pot boiled over. One snowy evening last week I called my hubby at work (really, where else would he be?) in hysterical tears and begged him to come home because I was in pain and the kids were crying and I just couldn’t do it by myself that night. My cup done runneth over… I felt like I was supposed to be everybody’s everything but at that moment I just couldn’t be anybody’s anything.

Now if I had a ‘normal’ husband and a ‘normal’ life that might have been the end of the story. But of course normal is in the eye of the beholder. 🙂 No, instead this is what I got… Hubby: Hey hun what’s up? Me: I can’t do it, I need help tonight, my mouth hurts so much and the baby won’t stop crying and I’m so tired and….and… (hysterical sobbing) Hubby: Babe, I gotta go. I’m sitting perimeter on a track and I just saw the suspect. Love you.

Oh, well hello harsh smack of reality. Now I could have just stayed in a crumpled mess on the floor and continued wallowing in my own self-pity (really, when was the last time I mopped these floors?) but instead that was my cue to put my big girl pants on and deal with it. So that’s what I did. Mind you, I also put all three kids to bed early and took a full dose of the heavy-duty pain meds my oral surgeon prescribed but the point is I came to my senses and bucked up. And we got through it. And through the rest of the week.

This morning the snow guns again fired up and the roads are absolutely terrible. My hubby was due back into work at 2pm after working through last night’s snowstorm but he offered to take the two older kids this morning and do all the running and grocery shopping to give me a couple of hours reprieve to catch up on homework, housework or just do whatever I wanted. And when the gang got home they brought me a dozen peach roses (my favorite) and Biggby coffee (my drug of choice). 🙂 And then it was out the door again and off to another snowy 10 hour shift. I won’t get to spend any real time with him until I get home from work tomorrow night but I’m looking forward to those few precious hours between when my workday ends and the next one begins for him. Those few minutes when we don’t necessarily have to be everything to everybody, just everything to each other.


One thought on “5149: Copy a crash at the corner of Everywhere and Nowhere

  1. Oh Lex! I am so sorry that you had such a cruddy week! You are litterally the strongest person I know! The fact that you do what you do for your family each day is amazing to me! I surely think you need a girls night out once this weather calms down! I am all for coming your way and rescuing/kidnapping you for a night out! Remember that you are the rock of your family and the stability your kids need to see as their role model! You are an amazing mother and I know that your mom would be SO proud of you! You and I will talk about Aidan and this school issue, maybe I could work with him over the summer and we could catch him up! Know you are loved by so many and keep your head up! You can do it! Lots of love!

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