A monumental shift… in the wrong direction.

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to sit down and have a phone chat with a friend. A real treat and something I rarely have time for – nevermind the fact that I had to literally lock myself in the bedroom to keep from being interrupted for those 15 minutes. 🙂

This friend happens to also be the wife of an MSP Trooper. Our husband’s went through the academy together and we shared the ups and downs of maintaining the home front during that ‘oh-so-special’ time in our lives. (All the MSP wives reading this know EXACTLY what I’m talking about!)

About a week ago her husband was involved in a very scary incident that could have ended very badly. I wanted to check in with her and see how her family was doing following the incident. She said to me, “We’re just now getting back to normal – whatever that means.” I had to laugh because she had hit the nail right on the head. Normal really IS overrated and our definition of it varies A LOT from that of our non-LEO counterparts. Needless to say, I’m grateful that her husband was protected from harm that day and I pray this is the only time they have to go through something like this.

After I got off the phone with her I started really thinking about the way things are versus the way things were… How is it that as a society we’ve gotten to a point where shooting at the cop seems like the best option??? I can remember a time (and not that long ago – I’m only 30) when it seemed like the only people who pulled out a gun and shot at the police were serious, hard-core criminals. Now days it seems like everybody’s carrying and no one thinks twice about taking a shot at the officer trying to pull them over. I’m not sure when/where/how this change in perspective happened, but it’s a terrifying trend.

We need to bring back respect for law enforcement officers. We need to get back to teaching our children how to respect and appropriately respond to law enforcement officers. You don’t have to like the police, but please, at least recognize that they’re just doing their job and that they have families at home waiting for them. They have babies who went to bed without seeing daddy and who can’t wait until the morning to tell him about their day. They have wives who lay awake all night, just waiting to hear the garage door open so they can shake off the worry and finally rest – at least until the next shift.

Police are people too. And even if you don’t particularly care for them or what they do, at least recognize that. And for the love of God, stop shooting at them!


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