Ipods in the toilet. It happens.

At lunch I called my husband for our ‘daily lunch chat’. This is the only opportunity I have to communicate with him on the days he works. I go into work at 6am and work until 3:30pm and his shift starts at 3pm and goes until midnight. I just told you I leave for work at 6 in the morning, so you know darn well I’m fast asleep when he gets home and he knows better than to wake me.

Anywho… I called him today and after going over the household management topics (“The kids have doctor appointments next week”, “Don’t forget about hockey practice this weekend”, “We need more diapers and formula” etc.) we moved on to the happenings of the morning. He says, “Aidan (our son) dropped his Ipod in the toilet this morning while peeing. He had it in the shirt pocket of his “Pretendables” police uniform and when he bent over, PLOP!”

Apparently he then said to his father, “Dang it dad! Why don’t our uniforms come with a special Ipod pocket so that doesn’t happen?!” Indeed, son, why DON’T the uniforms have an Ipod pocket? I think I’ll bring this to the attention of the department. 🙂


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